Patriots Not Getting Enough Credit

There are some things that get under my skin when it comes to sports, and one of them is assuming a team isn’t good because they do things differently than they have in past seasons. The 2013 New England Patriots are a 6-2 team that is being talked about like a 1-7 team, and it just doesn’t make sense. Bill Parcells was had the famous quote, “you are what your record says your are” and this is no different with this edition of Patriots. Last year, the Patriots finished 12-4 and lost the AFC Championship. Most would look at that is a very successful year (spoiled New England fans see it differently) and realize how fortunate they are. In the first eight games of 2012, the Patriots were 5-3 and fans were saying they weren’t as good and things needed to change. Obviously everything worked out. Now the Patriots are a game ahead of their pace from last year with a considerably better defense and people want to say the same thing? Have we not learned that this team gets better as the year goes on? My recommendation to fans and “experts” is to forget about the years of explosive offense and embrace how the team is built- defense and the running game with the passing game as a compliment. It worked for three Super Bowl-winning seasons and if the Patriots stay on the same track, they may add their fourth title in 2013. Maybe then they will finally receive the credit they deserve.


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