Celtics Shoot Themselves Right Out of the Playoffs

Lebron Dunk- ABC News

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BOSTON- There are some games that you just know it isn’t going to be your night. There is the famous, as I call them, “mountain games” because the whole game you are climbing the mountain to try and tie or take the lead, but you simply cannot pull it off because of either a turnover, and once you get within two possessions, the opponent goes on a 7-0 run to make it an 11 or 13 point game. That was Game Four and Game Six, but that certainly was not the problem last night.

Last night is what I call “can’t hit a damn shot” night, and those games are more frustrating to watch than mountain games, because when a team steals a mountain game, you KNOW they were outplayed and got lucky. Losing when you can’t shoot is maddening, especially when you play terrific defense and hold the other team to 87 points. Layups, and-ones that became two free throws because nobody could finish through contact, bad shots, badly TIMED shots (like Rozier chucking up a three with 21 seconds on the shot clock after Marcus Morris makes a HUGE offensive rebound), and hero shots ultimately ended the 2017-18 Boston Celtics season, and to be perfectly honest, it sucks.

Boston came out looking ready to play, which isn’t easy for a team this young facing a Game Seven situation. Boston jumped out to a 26-18 lead in the first quarter, and it appeared they were on their way to another home win. Yes, it was early, but all the ingredients were there. Boston was hitting shots, playing good defense, Cleveland was missing, and Lebron looked like he was ready to go into “tired-Lebron” mode.

That is when Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier forgot how to shoot. I would also mention Marcus Smart, but we all know he can’t shoot, so his 0-10 line last night was nothing new. He at least went to the basket, but couldn’t finish some of those aforementioned “and-ones”. Brown was good in the first, and then he fell apart. Rozier was awful from start to finish, and he saved his absolute worst for the worst possible time.

In the second and third quarter, the Celtics scored a COMBINED 30 points, which is simply disgusting. Boston only had FIVE turnovers overall last night. Let me repeat that- Boston had FIVE turnovers last night. Cleveland had 12 turnovers in the game last night, so there is seven more possessions Boston could have scored on, but they didn’t take advantage of Cleveland’s mistakes like they had earlier in the series.  A perfect example is when Lebron got picked off by Tatum, who then fires a pass downcourt over the head of Jaylen Brown. You not only let the Cavs off the hook, you blew a chance for an easy two. These things can’t happen in playoff games, let alone Game Seven.

The fourth quarter was slightly better because Boston scored 23 points, but they allowed 28, and the way Cleveland was scoring was even more maddening. Lebron James simply took the ball and went to the basket at will. No help, no attempt to double, just one-on-one domination. Why not adjust? Why isn’t Marcus Smart getting help in the post on a guy that is five inches taller than him? Not only were the Celtics missing every three they shot, they were allowing Lebron to get rolling, and once that happens, it is over. Jeff Green was scoring points in the 4th quarter; that is all you hear if you are wondering who won this game.

Overall, the Celtics were 29-85 from the field (34%), 7-39 from three (17.9%), 14-19 from the FT line, with three of those misses coming at crucial moments in the fourth, 42 rebounds (one more than Cleveland, usually an indication of a Boston win), and Boston also won the turnover, assist, and steal battle. Boston won in every stat column except the two that matter the most- made shots and points.

Cleveland was 30-66 (46%) overall, and they struggled from three (9-35, 26%), but they took more high percentage shots when it mattered, and they hit those shots. Lebron James stat line was great, but he did turn the ball over eight times. Tristan Thompson was a huge presence for the Cavs, and George Hill, the veteran guard who has been in the Finals with San Antonio, was a +24 for the night. Like I mentioned earlier, Jeff Green also played well. When that happens, your team is in trouble.

Again, it is as simple as this- Boston shot themselves into the offseason. Shooting has always been an area where Boston needs help, and that will absolutely be one of the areas they look to upgrade this offseason. Yes, they were missing their two best players, and if they played, this series would have ended in four games, but they didn’t, and seeing the other holes when they’re out could end up being a Godsend for a roster that has the ability to win multiple championships.

They weren’t going to win the title this year, but it sure would have been fun to watch them put a scare into the Warriors or the Rockets. Unfortunately, that is not to be, yet, and we will have to settle for watching Lebron lose yet another championship.



Celtics Need To Add Offense To Their Bench

The Celtics are playing good basketball, getting the job done on defense and on the boards, but not all is perfect at the Garden. The Celtics need more scoring either off the bench or even in the starting lineup if they want to get to the Finals, and there are a few players out there that could give them that boost they need to get them past Toronto, Cleveland, or whatever Eastern Conference team makes . Preferably they would find someone that defends well too, but the main focus has to be on finding a guy that can put the ball in the basket. There is one player available that truly fits their needs, and a couple that could be available at some point if things don’t improve with their current situations. 

1. Tyreke Evans, SG, Memphis Grizzlies

Evans is the type of player that fits Boston’s needs, and he is having his best season since his rookie year. Evans has started 26 of 46 games, averaging 31 minutes, 19.5 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, and one steal per game. He is also shooting 39% from three, 46% overall from the field, and he’s only committing two turnovers per night. Evans would immediately become the best scorer off the Boston bench, and he could possibly even work his way into the starting lineup before the playoffs. I understand Jaylen Brown has been pretty good, but Evans is better, and having Brown off the bench could be huge for the second unit.

With Greg Monroe already joining the team to provide a low post scoring and rebounding presence, the possible addition of Evans would give this team a formidable eight man rotation, and that is before you take the possible return of Gordon Hayward into account. If Boston lands Evans without having to give up a rotational player, they are clear favorites in the East, and they may have a puncher’s chance in the NBA Finals. 

2. Lou Williams, SG, Los Angeles Clippers

Williams is a volume scorer that would add an element Boston does not currently possess, and he would have the potential to fix two problems. The first problem- bench scoring; with Williams as the 6th man, you instantly add a guy that can score 15 in the blink of an eye. Williams’ minutes are up this year, and he’s responding with solid numbers. In 29 minutes per game, he’s scoring 18.9 points and 4.4 assists while shooting a 45% overall, 39% from three point land.

He would be a huge part of the Boston offense because of his shooting ability, and again, what he would provide off the bench. Williams also makes $7 million this season, so if Boston was to trade for him using the Injured Player Exception, not only would he fit, he might become a big chip at the trade deadline if Boston was to make a blockbuster deal. With the relationship between Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge, keep an eye on this scenario. Boston has so many strong picks in the future, which allows them to unload maybe a decent one like the Memphis pick for a player the caliber of Williams. If Boston decides to keep him, he’ll be a strong fit and a fan favorite.

3. Marc Gasol, C, Memphis Grizzlies

I’m sure most of you are laughing at this one, but before you go off the deep end, take a look at the situation in Memphis. They just fired their excellent head coach, David Fizdale, and Gasol is complaining that he’s being removed from games in the 4th. Obviously the Grizzlies aren’t going to trade him to Boston because it doesn’t make sense financially, but could the Grizz, if in the midst of a meltdown, possibly buyout Gasol? Absolutely, and it makes sense if you look at his age, contract, and the situation they’re in.

Gasol is 32 years old; his next three seasons he’ll make $22,642,350, $24,119,025, and $25,595,700. For a team that is obviously going to need a rebuild, doesn’t it make sense to get out from under that contract, regardless of not gaining an asset? They could attempt to buyout Gasol, but it won’t be easy. He is going to want at least 30 of the 71 million owed to him, but if the Grizzlies truly want to rebuild, they will start to unload players they don’t see leading them into the future.

If, and it is a BIG if, Gasol was to be bought out, the Celtics would absolutely be the first team in line to sign him, offering their Injury Exception they received after Gordon Hayward broke and dislocated his ankle. He would be a perfect fit, allowing Horford to play the four, and adding another great passing big man. Gasol is currently averaging 18.6 points, 8.9 rebounds, 4.3 assists, and 1.6 blocks per game. Imagine how good those numbers would translate to Boston? Yes, it is the longest of long shots, but Memphis is bad, and things could get intolerable for the talented Spanish center. This wouldn’t happen immediately, but this situation cannot be ignored.


4. Jabari Parker, SF, Milwaukee

Three years ago nobody would expect Parker to be in this conversation, and the worst part is, he may only be trade bait. If Boston wants to use their Injury Exception to add a player that can be flipped in a larger deal at the trade deadline, they have to acquire that player before the end of this week. Parker has one year left on his deal at $6 million, so he’s an ideal candidate.

Parker is expected to return at the All-Star break from his ACL tear last season. He was terrific last year, starting 50 of 51 games, averaging 20.1 points, 6.2 rebounds, 2.8 assists, and 1.0 steal per game. Boston could choose to keep or trade him, it is their choice. If he shows that he is healthy, it makes sense to hold onto him, and possibly even sign him after the season. Parker is probably going to have to be a bench guy due to his knees, but he can still be an extremely effective player in the NBA, especially as a 6th or 7th man.

5. Corey Brewer, SF, Los Angeles Lakers

Brewer wouldn’t provide as much offense as Boston is looking for, but he is very good in transition, he can still defend very well, and he always plays well in big games. His familiarity of playing with Al Horford, albeit in college, would help his transition if he were moved to Boston. In the last two seasons, Brewer has only averaged 15.6 and 11.4 minutes, and his stats have paid the price. There is no question Brewer could help the Celtics, and he is most likely available, but the only way they make a move for him is if they acquire someone who can score first. 

5. Julius Randle, PF, Los Angeles Lakers

You are probably thinking there is no way the Celtics make a trade that would require this type of gamble, but the Lakers do not appear to be moving forward with the talented big man, and the Celtics are in need of someone who can score and rebound; Randle fits that mold.

Randle hasn’t started a single game for the Lakers in 2017, and the only way that will change is with an injury. There were some rumors of a Dallas/LAL swap with Nerlens Noel coming to LA and Randle headed to Dallas, but that has never materialized. Randle has been a pro throughout this whole process, even when he knows the Lakers are going in a direction that doesn’t include him. In just 22 minutes per game this season, Randle is averaging 12.5 points, 6.3 rebounds,

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Patriots Make the Right Move With Cooks

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots

(Photo Courtesy of USA Today Sports)

The Patriots traded wide receiver Brandin Cooks and a 4th Round pick to the Los Angeles Rams for the 23rd pick in the 2018 pick. Some fans were up in arms, wondering why they would trade away their top outside threat just one year after acquiring him for the 31st pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. For those angry fans out there, just remember- there is always a reason for what New England does, especially when it comes to trades.

New England traded for Cooks on his rookie deal, and with just one year left on that deal, the Patriots approached Cooks about working out a new deal. To nobodies surprise, Cooks wanted big money, as he should, but there is no way the Patriots are paying a wide receiver the kind of money he’s looking for. After coming to the realization that he was going to play out 2018 and leave in free agency, New England did the smart thing and traded him for a better asset they traded away for him the season before. It was a win-win for the Patriots and the player.

Cooks was productive in 2017, contrary to what many media members had to say. Cooks finished with 65 catches, 1082 yards, and seven touchdowns. Even with the strong numbers, there was a feeling that he left a lot of catches on the field. The perfect microcosm of Cooks’ Patriots career came in his final reception in the Super Bowl; gets open with his tremendous speed, makes the catch, runs around like a chicken with his head cut off, gets drilled by Malcolm Jenkins, and the result was a concussion that ended his season, and ultimately his Patriots career.


Week 13 Live Blog: Patriots vs. Bills


Welcome to Week 13, and thank you for joining us we provide live updates and opinions about today’s AFC East showdown.


15:00- Buffalo will receive after the Patriots deferred. Trey Flowers is out today, which will be a problem for the Patriots defense.

10:23- The Bills are going right down the field against this banged-up Patriots defense. Hopefully New England can hold them to a field goal.

8:23- Another 1st down for the Bills, this time LeSean McCoy sets them up with 1st & Goal from the six.

7:51- Interception, Patriots! Eric Lee…that’s right, Eric Lee, picks up the errant Tyrod Taylor pass at the two-yard line and returns it to the Patriots five. Huge momentum-shifting play by the Patriots defense, a defense that always seems to step up in the red zone.

3:38- Burkhead with a nice run is followed by an incompletion to Gronk. 2nd & 10…

3:31- Flag comes in at the last second on a nice run by Cooks; dumb penalty. 2nd & 15…

3:12- Amendola with the 26-yard gain for the 1st down. 1st & 10 from the Bills 31…

2:17- It appears that running will be difficult for Dion Lewis today; 3rd & 11…

1:35- Field goal, Patriots! Gostkowski drills the ball through the rough Buffalo wind for the 50-yard field goal. It isn’t a touchdown, but with the way this game started, I’m sure they’ll take it. Patriots 3, Bills 0

:59- Sack, Eric Lee! He looks like a steal for the Patriots. I’m sure the Bills love this.


13:39- New England forces Buffalo to punt, and the Patriots offense will try to put together another scoring drive. Brady was pissed last series after he missed Cooks on the huge 3rd down; let’s see if he makes up for the bad throw.

11:09- The Bills just made the dumbest challenge in the history of football. Brady was tripped by Burkhead, and he threw the ball with his knee down, but Burkhead isn’t a Bill, so it can’t be down by contact. Very dumb. 3rd & 5…

11:03- Incomplete pass and the Patriots are forced to punt. The offense looks out of it today, but they typically explode, so this is probably just one of those games. Patriots 3, Bills 0

10:42- A huge holding penalty negates an 11-yard run by McCoy; 2nd & 9…

10:26- Three-yard gain on the pass, 3rd & 7…

9:59- Three-and-out for the Bills after Gilmore has strong coverage on the intended reciever

9:03- 12-yard gain by Gronk, 1st & 10 from the Patriots 48…

8:30- Dion Lewis breaks one off, running 44 yards to set the Patriots up with 1st & Goal from the seven.

7:09- The Bills got away with DPI on that play, 3rd & Goal…

7:03- Brady is sacked, and the Patriots will be forced to settle for the field goal attempt. Great defense by Buffalo.

6:26- Field goal, Patriots! Gostkowski nails one from 26, giving the Patriots a six-point lead. Patriots 6, Bills 0

6:20- Webb comes in to run the wildcat, and he takes the first play for a 22-yard gain,

5:43- Four-yard gain by McCoy, 2nd & 6…

5:12-12-yard run by McCoy; the Patriots bit hard on the motion.

4:34- The Patriots run defense finally makes a stop; 2nd & 10…

3:56- Thankfully Taylor made a bad throw because this would be a 7-6 game; bad throw, 3rd & 10…

3:48- Bills hit the slant for seven, which sets up the field goal attempt.

3:21- Hauschka barely hits the 49-yard attempt, but barely still counts. The Bills have cut the lead in half. Patriots 6, Bills 3

1:18- Incomplete pass by Brady makes it 3rd & 8 from the Bills 28…

1:02- Brady steps away from pressure and makes a great throw for the 1st down. The Patriots are now at the Buffalo 17.

:58- Four-yard gain by White, 2nd & 6…

:28- Brady sacked again; the Bills defense has been excellent in the red zone. The Patriots are now facing 3rd & 15 from the Bills 20. They need to be careful so they don’t push mess up the field goal opportunity; no sacks.

:25- False start. That is another bad penalty. 3rd & 18…

:19- Four-yard gain on 3rd down, and Gostkowski will come in and attempt a 39-yard field goal.

:15- Field goal, Patriots! Gostkowski connects from 39 to extend the lead back to six. This half has not been pretty for the Patriots red zone offense. Patriots 9, Bills 3

:00- That’s the end of the half from Orchard Park, and although they’ve played pretty bad on offense, the Patriots are up by six.


15:00- The Patriots offense will take the field and try to punch one into the end zone on their first series. They’ve moved it from the 20 to the 20, but the red zone has been a major challenge.

14:48- Awful OPI called on Gronk; that is just terrible. NFL refs suck. It feels good to say that, I couldn’t when I was at Scout/CBS. Patriots now facing a 2nd & 16…

13:39-Screen pass nets them six yard, now they are facing a 3rd & 10 situation. Now good…

13:00- Brady hits Gronk as he is WIDE OPEN at the 1st down marker. Terrible defense by Buffalo, great job by Brady to exploit it. 1st & 10, Patriots.

12:05- Lewis runs for four, Patriots pick up the 1st down.

11:33- 16-yard gain by Gronk, and that’s another first down. Gronk was called for a false start, 1st & 15 .

10:33- Gronk again, this time for 15 and another 1st down.

9:50- Lewis takes it down to the one, 1st & Goal…

9:20- Burkhead stopped, 2nd & Goal from the one…

9:02- Touchdown, Patriots!! Burkhead takes it in from a yard out to extend the Patriots lead to 13. Big drive, that is what great teams do even when they aren’t having a good day. Now it is the time for the defense to step up. Patriots 13, Bills 3

8:47- Huge penalty on McCoy with the illegal hands to the face; 1st & 20 from the Bills nine…

8:00- Matthews picks up 13, making it 3rd & 2; this is a big play for the Bills.

7:23- 1st down on the scramble by Taylor. 1st & 10 from their own 32.

6:02- Fire drill for the Patriots pass rush, which was held, but they declined the penalty due to the huge loss on the sack. Van Noy looked hurt on the play, which would be horrible because he’s playing the best football of his NFL career. 4th & 25 from the 20…

4:27- After picking up a 1st down, Burkhead runs for four more. 2nd & 6…

3:50- What. A. Catch. Gronkowski is amazing. That was one of his best catches ever. 31 yards on the play, 1st down.

2:57- Odd play which should have been a big loss is only a loss of one. 2nd & 11…

2:20- Nine-yard gain by Amendola…well, they gave him the 1st. That was weird. Another nine yard gain for Burkhead…

1:08- Touchdown, Patriots!! Burkhead takes it the rest of the way to put the Patriots ahead by 20. Great drive, and like I said earlier in the game, this offense is going to eventually score, that is why they’re the best in the NFL. Patriots 23, Bills 3

:33- 3rd & 3 for the Bills from the 33…

:00- 1st down scramble by Taylor gives the Bills life heading into the fourth quarter. They are down by three touchdowns, so they obviously need a touchdown very soon. After three, the Patriots are in command. New England 23, Buffalo 3


14:28- The Bills are forced to punt. The Patriots can put this away with a score.

13:16- 3rd and 3, Patriots…

13:06- Horrible throw by Brady almost cost the Patriots a pick-six; 4th down, time to punt.

12:58- Buffalo takes over at their own 27, and taking over at quarterback is Nathan Peterman. Peterman was the starter for one game, which was a controversy.

12:58- McCoy runs 15 yards for the 1st down.

12:26- Dropped pass on a great throw, 2nd & 10…

12:22- Peterman sails one, 3rd & 10…

12:15- Peterman was sacked, but Malcolm Butler was called for holding, giving the Bills the much needed 1st down. 1st & 10, Bills, from the Bills 44.

11:53- Patrick Chung with the tackle in the backfield, but he aggravated an injury at the end of the play. It could be his hand. 2nd & 10…

11:16- 12-yard gain by Thompson, 1st & 10 for the Bills.

10:49- Nice catch on the tipped ball, another 1st down.

10:25- McCoy for 14, ANOTHER 1st down. This is a rough drive for the New England defense.

10:00- Incomplete pass by Peterman, 2nd & 10 from the 19…

9:41- Another 12-yard gain, 1st & Goal…

9:20- Gilmore breaks up the fade, 2nd & Goal…

9:16- Miscommunication, overthrow, either way, incomplete. 3rd & Goal…

9:10- McCoy with the catch at the one; 4th & Goal, Bills will go for it…

8:51- Timeout, Patriots. That was probably a good idea. Get rested, get the right personnel on the field.

8:47- Why would they run spread and then throw a fade at Gilmore?? That was one of the worst play-calls I’ve seen in a LONG time. WOW, that was next-level dumb. Just run it with McCoy and he scores a touchdown. Patriots take over at their own one-yard line. Patriots 23, Bills 3

8:37- Cooks with the catch; he appeared to fumble, but they said he was down. That is a big play.

8:04- Lewis stacked up for a two-yard loss, 2nd & 12…

7:26- Gronk picks up two, 3rd & 10 from the 14…

6:46- Brady works the pocket and makes a beautiful throw to Gronk for the 1st down. 1st & 10 from the 33…

6:35- A strong run is negated by a hold on Gronk, 1st & 20…

6:10- They go right back to Gronk for 18 yards on the crossing route; 2nd & 2…

5:35- Lewis is wrapped up after no gain, 3rd & 2…

4:39- Gronkowski should have had the DPI called for him, it wasn’t, the ball was picked, and as the defender was laying on the ground, Gronk jumped on him WWE style, which hurt the guy. THAT was a penalty, as it should be. On the other side, Amendola had his helmet ripped off, which is ALSO a penalty. After all of it, Jerry Hughes hit an official, the last 15 yard penalty, and that gives the Bills 1st & 25. Get all that? Oh, and Gronk will be getting a HUGE fine, and possibly a suspension. That was a loaded play. I need a cigarette and I don’t even smoke.

3:33- Three quick plays and the Patriots offense is back on the field. Brady takes the field, which seems odd. Patriots 23, Bills 3

2:53- Burkhead picks up four on 2nd & 17, 3rd & 13…

2:04- Timeout, Buffalo. They are fighting until the bitter end, I’ll give them that. Ryan Allen punts, and the Buffalo offense will take over at the 14.

1:56- Eric Lee with another sack, his 3rd in two games after joining the Patriots.

1:23- Lee with the tackle on the scramble, 3rd & 6…

1:05- Incomplete pass, 4th & 6…

:59- Eric Rowe breaks up the pass, and the Patriots offense can come in, take victory formation, and take a knee to end this game. Another big win for the Patriots, who are now 10-2.

:00- That’ll do it from Buffalo, and the Patriots win yet again.


Thank you for checking out the live blog, and be sure to join us again next week when the Patriots take on Dolphins in Miami next Monday night. Next week is another huge game as the Patriots try and keep pace with the Steelers, the team they are battling for home-field advantage in the playoffs.












Celtic Trade Scenarios

Another day, another new team that is rumored to be the frontrunner in the Kevin Love sweepstakes. The Golden State Warriors, as expected, are the top competition for the Boston Celtics in the pursuit of Kevin Love, and today things got interesting. The Warriors have offered David Lee and Klay Thompson for Love, Kevin Martin and JJ Barea. Golden State sees the opportunity to add Love and move Harrison Barnes into the lineup to replace Thompson. In theory, there is no dropoff for the Warriors at small forward and they replace David Lee with Kevin Love, which is a huge upgrade. If you think Love is bad on defense, wait until you watch David Lee.

This would validate the report that Minnesota wants NBA veterans in return for Love, but this new rumor stinks of posturing. Why would the Timberwolves, a team that hasn’t been in the playoffs since 2005, trade their franchise player and other assets to a direct competitor in the stacked Western Conference? There are eight precious playoff spots and if Minnesota helps one of those eight from 2013/14 improve, they are doing a disservice to themselves and their fans. Considering this new report and applying logic to these rumors, this sounds like a direct message to Boston that they aren’t getting Love without providing a veteran that they can immediately put in their lineup. I’m assuming Boston doesn’t have the guy they want, so it may be time to get a third team involved. Here are a couple possible deals:

Trade Scenario #1- Boston, Minnesota and Orlando

Boston Receives– Kevin Love, Magic 2014 2nd Round Pick, T’Wolves 2015 & 2016 2nd Round Picks

Minnesota Receives– Aaron Afflalo, Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger, 2014 #6 Pick, #17 Pick, Boston 2017 1st Round Pick

Orlando Receives– Jeff Green, Kelly Olynk, Boston 2015 1st Round Pick, LA Clippers 2015 1st Round Pick

Some may look at this deal and think Orlando is getting the lower end of the return, but Aaron Afflalo has already talked about wanting to be traded and Orlando is in full rebuild mode anyways. Adding Green will make up for lost scoring, Olynk is still improving and they get two 1st round picks next year. Minnesota gets the proven young NBA star in Afflalo and replace Love in the frontcourt with the up and coming Sullinger. Avery Bradley would also be a good young piece for the Wolves and they also get the three 1st round picks they coveted. The Celtics end up with Love, possibly JJ Barea, and three 2nd round picks. Everyone wins and the money works.

Trade Scenario #2- Boston, Minnesota, Detroit

Boston Receives– Kevin Love, Detroit 2014 2nd Round Pick, Minnesota 2015 2nd Round Pick

Minnesota Receives– Greg Monroe, Jeff Green,Boston 2014 #17 Pick, Boston 2015 1st Round Pick, LA Clippers 2015 1st Round Pick, Brooklyn Nets 2018 1st Round Pick

Detroit Receives– Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynk, Avery Bradley, 2014 #6 Pick, Boston 2016 1st Round Pick

Again, it looks like Detroit is getting the raw end of the deal, but they actually get quite the haul for Greg Monroe, a player that most likely will be traded this summer. The Pistons end up with Boston’ top pick because Minnesota gets a true young big in return, not to mention three first round picks and a good bench scorer in Jeff Green. The Celtics get their guy, albeit after surrendering five 1st round picks and a few good, young players.

All of these rumors will be just rumors until something comes to fruition, but when it comes to trade talk, it is important to remember that the trade has to benefit all the franchises involved. Both of these deals would benefit all three teams involved and would allow the Timberwolves to possibly compete with Golden State instead of handing them a guaranteed playoff spot next season and beyond.

Love & Boston Are a Perfect Fit

The NBA offseason is about to begin, and the tampering season has been in full effect for the last month. If the NBA is good for two things, it’s drama and player movement. Perennial powers Miami and San Antonio Spurs just wrapped up the Finals, again, and if anyone is going to knock these two powers off, we may see that team beginning their construction on draft night. The team that rises on draft night may not be handing out a new hat to a young kid out of college; they’ll be making a trade for a franchise altering player. That team is starting to look like the Boston Celtics, and that player appears to be Kevin Love.

The Kevin Love trade rumors have been well known for a long time, and if it is true that Love doesn’t want to return after 2015, then the rumors will become reality. The Wolves have no choice- they’ll be forced to trade him on draft night to get the best return on a deal, and the only way to do that is to send Love to a place where he wants to be. Love spent the first weekend of June in Boston, taking in the sites and hanging with some of the local pro sports stars. NBA superstars don’t just make weekend trips to historic cities with a rabid fan base, so it is safe to say Love’ trip to Boston wasn’t just a vacation. It looked like a trip to check out his potential home and workplace.

Yes, the Celtics are among many suitors when it comes to Love’ services (Chicago, Golden State, Houston, and the LA Lakers), but when you step back and take a look at the scenario, it’s easy to see why Boston makes the most sense for Love. First and foremost, Boston has the most assets to offer, by far, and considering Minnesota would be dealing their franchise player, it is important to be able to find another potential franchise player with the picks gained in the deal. The Wolves would potentially receive the number six pick in a deep draft later this month and any additional picks they may want (Celtics have nine first round picks in the next five years.) Brooklyn’ first rounders in ’16 and ’18 has huge potential because Brooklyn has an aging and inflexible roster. If the Wolves want financial flexibility or young talent, the Celtics have expiring contracts and players they can include too (Jeff Green, Avery Bradley-sign and trade.)

Some question whether this deal makes sense for Boston considering the amount they will have to give up in the deal, but the only way Boston is going to compete is to put talent around Rondo. Love fits in perfectly with the pass-first point guard. Minnesota has to be leery of making this deal because the last time they made a deal with Boston, it netted the Celtics a championship in the first year. When it comes down to it, the Wolves should do what is right for the franchise and for Love. Avoiding trades out of spite is bad for business, and the Timberwolves still need to sell tickets, which won’t happen with a lame-duck Love on the roster.

Chicago has a good amount of assets to move (Taj Gibson, draft picks), and although Derek Rose is (was?) a great player, he’s not a pass-first point guard like Rondo, he’s coming off two straight missed seasons, and there are questions regarding the health of his knees. Houston has a good team and they may be able to clear cap space, but it isn’t the best fit. Howard didn’t play well with another dominant big (Gasol) and there won’t be a lot of shots for Love with Harden around too. Golden State has the players on their roster that are the most appealing (David Lee, Harrison Barnes), but they don’t have the picks and they aren’t a proven contender in the stacked Western Conference. The Lakers would be a viable candidate if they had something to trade, but besides the number seven pick, the cupboard is bare.

In the summer of 2007, the Celtics entered the draft armed with assets and the number five pick. After the draft was done, they had added Ray Allen and a shot to trade for Kevin Garnett because he was willing to come to Boston for a chance at a ring. It worked. Now we enter the summer of 2014, and this time the Celtics are in similar position, and because it worked in ’07, that gives them the confidence to go for it again. The Celtics are going to do what they have to do to build a contender, and draft night will mark the beginning of a big summer in Boston. Danny Ainge is hoping he can repeat history.


2014 Mock NFL Draft- Round One

Round 1

1. Houston Texans – Trade w/Jacksonville- Jaguars select Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

Manziel is a perfect fit in Jacksonville; he’ll sell tickets, make the Jaguars relevant again, and he’s going to be a great. Quarterbacks are more valuable than defensive ends, which in turn makes Manziel the most valuable player in this draft, not Clowney.

2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins) – Khalil Mack, LB, Buffalo

In the hypercompetitive and defensive dominated NFC West, the Rams make the decision to follow suit and take the talented linebacker from Buffalo. I wouldn’t be surprised if they traded down, but in this version of the draft they stay put.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars – Pick traded to Texans- Texans select Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

Clowney has been the consensus (I’m not a member of this group) top prospect for well over a year now, so the Texans get the best of both worlds by adding a pick and still getting the player they wanted to take at number one. 

4. Cleveland Browns – Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

Instead of adding a quarterback, the Browns land the best wide receiver to enter the NFL since Julio Jones. Watkins may be better than Jones, and he’ll help form one of the best wide receiver duo’s in the league with Josh Gordon.

5. Oakland Raiders – Greg Robinson, T, Auburn

The Raiders need help up front and they end up with the top tackle in the draft. With the trade for Matt Schaub in the offseason, it is clear the Reggie McKenzie and his crew are trying to win now. Protecting your quarterback is the best way to do that, and Robinson fills that major need. 

6. Atlanta Falcons – Jake Matthews, T, Texas A&M

The Falcons are in major need of offensive line help, and they find a player with the best NFL bloodline of all time. Matt Ryan needs to be kept upright and adding Matthews, who has been blocking for Manziel the last two years, will do just that. 

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Blake Bortles, QB, UCF

Last year the Bucs spent a third round pick on quarterback Mike Glennon and he pushed Josh Freeman out the door. Enter a new regime with a new plan; expect to see Glennon traded and Bortles to eventually win the job over career backup Josh McCown. 

8. Minnesota Vikings – Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville

Everyone has him falling, his pro day was awful, blah-blah-blah…Minnesota needs a quarterback desperately, and they like Bridgewater. Let’s not forget that Rick Spielman once used the number 12 pick on Christian Ponder. 

9. Buffalo Bills – Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina

The Bills need to find a good tight end, and Ebron fits the bill. Ebron has issues with concentration, so he’ll take time to develop, but if he taps into his athleticism like he did at UNC, then the AFC East is going to have their hands full for the next decade. 

10. Detroit Lions – Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M

The third Aggie to go in the top ten heads to Detroit to team with Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford. Detroit has had issues with their second receiver so having Evans fall to number ten is a godsend for the Lions offense. Evans brings toughness that the Lions need. 

11. Tennessee Titans – Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma St.

Alterraun Verner bolted for Tampa in free agency and left a hole in the secondary; Gilbert is the type of player that can come in and play right away. He may not be the level of Verner, but the Titans will be happy with the skill set Gilbert brings to their defense. 

12. New York Giants – Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh

Donald provides a presence that the Giants are desperately in need of on the defensive front. Donald shouldn’t be available at this point in the draft, but questions about his size push him out of the top ten. This is a steal for the Giants. 

13. St. Louis Rams – Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA

People are going to think I’m nuts to project the Rams to draft two linebackers with their first two picks, but I’m sticking to it. Barr is an outside linebacker with huge NFL potential and impossible to pass up at this point. The Rams linebacker core, in theory, would be all set for the next five to eight years.  

14. Chicago Bears – Ha Ha Clinton Dix, FS, Alabama

The Bears need help at safety and Clinton Dix is the top safety in the 2014 class. The Alabama product should start right away and will add athleticism and flexibility to the Bears secondary. Dix has the ability to play corner in a pinch too, making him more valuable. 

15. Pittsburgh Steelers – Taylor Lewan, T, Michigan

The Steelers haven’t been able to protect Big Ben for the last few seasons, and if they want to get back to the playoffs they better fix this problem. Lewan has great feet, balance and he has been facing top competition throughout his college career.  

16. Dallas Cowboys – Calvin Pryor, FS, Louisville

Although the Cowboys do need help on the offensive line, they’re also thin at the safety position. Pryor is the second ranked free safety in this draft; this would be the smart pick for Dallas, so assume they’ll do something different. 

17. Baltimore Ravens – C.J. Mosley, ILB, Alabama

Alabama’ track record for NFL players, especially first round picks, has been very spotty, but the Ravens typically draft well. They go with Mosley, one of the best athletes in this draft. The Ravens are still in transition on defense since the departures of Lewis and Reed. This pick helps. 

18. New York Jets – Odell Beckham, WR, LSU

The Jets were linked to every big name free agent wide receiver this offseason. Nothing came to fruition and John Idzik has made it clear he’s building through the draft. Beckham is an athletic specimen that looks the part of the NFL wide receiver. Geno Smith gets a new weapon to work with. 

19. Miami Dolphins – Zack Martin, G, Notre Dame

The Dolphins went into this offseason with a major problem- the offensive line. They essentially didn’t have one after watching it crumble in 2013 due to bullying and chaos. Martin is considered the top guard in the draft and will be most likely inserted into the starting lineup on day one. He and Pouncey alone will make Miami stronger up the middle. 

20. Arizona Cardinals – Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State

Carson Palmer has about three seasons left in him, so drafting a quarterback is a necessity for the Cards. Derek Carr will not get the same treatment his brother did by getting thrown to the wolves and will have a chance to learn under Palmer until he’s ready to take the reins. 

21. Green Bay Packers – Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State

The pass rush was addressed in free agency and now the back end is addressed in the first round. Dennard has decent size, a strong bloodline (cousin Alfonzo is a starting cornerback for New England) and has the look of an NFL corner. Health could be an issue. 

22. Philadelphia Eagles – Marquise Lee, WR, USC

If Lee was allowed to enter the draft last year, he would have been a top ten pick. He had a down junior season but Chip Kelly will look past it because he knows what he is getting with Lee- one of the top wide receivers in this draft. Lee isn’t your typical Trojan wide receiver (translation- not a bust.) 

23. Kansas City Chiefs – Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State

The Chiefs need depth at the wide receiver position and Cooks fills that need. Cooks is a polished, strong third receiver to add to the Avery/Bowe duo. Andy Reid knows that a wide receiver core should resemble a basketball starting five and the selection of Cooks gets them 3/5 of the way there. 

24. Cincinnati Bengals – Jimmie Ward, SS, Northern Illinois

The Bengals have a good defense and Taylor Mays has played decent for them at strong safety, but it is hard to pass on Ward at this point, especially knowing that New England and other AFC contenders like him. Watch for Ward to steal the starting job from Mays.

25. San Diego Chargers – Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech 

The Chargers get a steal when Kyle Fuller slips to them in the first round. Facing the Broncos a minimum of twice a year makes it essential to have a great pass defense. If the Chargers don’t take a corner here, don’t be surprised to see them go after a pass rusher.

26. Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis Colts) – Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State

With Joe Haden at the top of the depth chart and the addition of safety Donte Whitner, the Browns are one corner away from having a dominant secondary. Roby will look to become the second Buckeye starting in the Cleveland secondary. 

27. New Orleans Saints – Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State

The Saints gambled their first round pick on a running back in 2011, trading up for Mark Ingram, but he looks like a bust. Darren Sproles was traded and Pierre Thomas isn’t getting any younger, so Hyde will have an opportunity to win the job right away. The Saints get it right this time around. 

28. Carolina Panthers – Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana

The Panthers gutted their wide receiver core in the offseason so this pick is more of a need pick than a best overall player pick. The Panthers select a player that Cam Newton will love and help erase the pain of losing Steve Smith. Latimer, a former basketball star, has good size and athleticism. 

29. New England Patriots – Louis Nix III, DT, Notre Dame

When Vince Wilfork and Tommy Kelly went down last year, it was clear that the Patriots depth on the defensive line was lacking. The main problem was stopping the run; adding Nix will give the Patriots the insurance policy they need if Wilfork’ Achilles injury acts up or Kelly happens to go down again. 

30. San Francisco 49ers – Dee Ford, DE, Auburn

The 49ers have a problem on their hands with Aldon Smith, regardless if he cleans up his act. He is absolutely going to be suspended by the NFL and he could possibly even face jail time for his braincramp at the airport. The 49ers add Ford to their star studded defense and allow the young talent to develop on the fly. 

31. Denver Broncos – Jason Verrett, CB, TCU

The Broncos did have a great offseason and they added a top end cornerback, but Verrett is the best player left on the board. With the prospect of facing New England in the AFC title game, having a strong secondary will be key. Aqib Talib is always a wild card when it comes to health, so Verrett could end up getting his fair share of playing time in his rookie year.

32. Seattle Seahawks – Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State

The Seahawks have gone through the typical free agent raid that Super Bowl champs endure, and the most important piece they lost was Golden Tate. Robinson isn’t the same type of player as Tate, but he will certainly help the Seattle offense get over his loss.